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Saturday, February 18th 2017: 08:30                              Registration Volunteers Arrive For Setup 09:00                              Doors Open for Dealer Set Up and Registration   10:00                              Selling Begins 10:00                              50/50 Cash Raffle Tickets On Sale 10:00                              Items Brought to Auction Table (limit of 30 items or lots) 11:00                              No Additional Items Accepted at the Auction Table 11:00                              Final Entry for Radio Contests 11:00                              Auction Begins Until Finished                    11:30                              Judges Contest Review Begins 12:00                              Final Chance to Purchase 50/50 Cash Raffle Ticket 12:00                              Judges announce Contest Winners 12:15                              50/50 Cash Raffle Winner Announced 12:30                              Pizza Lunch & Soft Drinks (Donations Requested) 13:00                              Vendor Packing Suspended 13:00                              Guest Speaker: Ron Ramirez, Mr. Philco                                         Door Prizes Awarded - After Guest Speaker                                        Vendor Packing Resumed - After Guest Speaker 15:00 We must be out of the hall.
  ~ Area must be free and clear of all debris upon departure ~
Schedule of Events:
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